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ROI Logistics and Marine Services LLC
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Located just outside of St. Louis, Missouri, ROI Logistics & Marine Services LLC offers an array of transportation solutions across the inland waterways

system.  With our young fleet of barges, we offer economical and efficient movement of your goods and products.  


Barge Line 

ROI can cover your freight needs across the inland waterways system.  Our superior service and new fleet will make shipping by water easy and cost effective for your business.   

Logistics & Transportation 

Let us be your river transportation resource, from point of origin to destination.  


We provide full logistics and transportation services.  With a pulse on the current market, ROI can help streamline the process for you while you concentrate on growing your business. 

Barge Management

ROI has a proven track record to help guide you in barge ownership.  Pooled together with other investor owned barges, your assets will benefit from shared risk, proven returns, and a potential reduction of your tax liability.   




Jason Fenton


 Sales & Operations  

Jeff Fetick

Accounting & Grain Support

Patti Renick

Sue Beckring

Kristin Montero


Dispatch & Traffic


Sales and Transportation Inquiries

For any inquiries or questions, please call 636-220-3660, or email us below.  

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Main Office

223 Lookout Ave

St. Louis, MO 63088


Tel: 636-220-3660

Billing Address

14248 Manchester Rd, Suite F

Box # 342

Manchester, MO 63011

Get a quote: 636-220-3660
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